This session is not just another PowerPoint presentation on Scrum. In fact it has only 1 PowerPoint slide. Instead it will be a conversation to help you move beyond the prescriptive practices of Scrum. Come prepared to talk, to ask questions, to answer questions and to share your experiences and challenges.

Driven by your questions we will delve into each Scrum event to:

  • better understand its intent and purpose
  • clarify the desired outcomes
  • address your questions and challenges in achieving them

Whether you are a Product Owner, Scrum Master or Team Member; whether you are new to Scrum or are an experienced practitioner come add your perspectives to the conversation and learn from perspectives of others. Together we will explore not just the mechanics of Scrum, but the true spirit of Scrum.

Scrum Event Booklet Download Here Scrum Event Info-graphic Download Here

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