Above all else, agility is about teams and how teams can be most effective at doing purposeful work. When we look at all the various issues that impede teams from being effective however, many have nothing to do with the team itself. Successful agile adoptions then must look beyond the team. Not doing so merely institutionalizes business as usual under the guise of a new vocabulary and a new set of practices. Outcomes change very little, if at all. What will get us the improved outcomes we want? Combining team practices with credible product management and excellent delivery practices; and then infusing that with agile leadership practices to encourage growth, openness and transparency.






TeamWorkHave you been hearing how agility has taken off at other companies and wondering how to make it work for you? Was there a great speaker at the last conference you attended who got you really excited about trying agile practices, but now you are wondering how to get started? Have you read an abundance of agile success stories and are wondering how you can become one of them?

Let me help. What's important about agility is understanding that it is not just simply swapping one set of practices for another. Let me help you sort through the agile hype and euphoria to develop some real world goals that make sense for you. Together we can:

  • Identify those concerns and issues holding your teams back and address them by aligning with agile values and principles.
  • Jointly formulate an agile adoption plan that respects the needs of your organization.
  • Start agile pilot teams to learn specific principles and practices and how to adapt them to their best effect.

Contact me directly to discuss my role, availability, pricing, and how we start your organization's agile journey today.