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First I work very closely with you to help identify and understand your improvement goals and how you will be able to determine progress toward them. Whether in agile adoption, product management, or evolving leadership, I serve as a guide to help chart the initial course, encourage the discipline to stay the course, and when necessary advocate a change in course based on the on-going organizational learning.

Initially I introduce perspectives that are based on my own beliefs, experiences and knowledge, and use that to bring clarity to our initial steps together. Over time it is important that you broaden those perspectives to begin to define your own unique views and beliefs that best fit your organization. To that end I serve as an Information Curator to introduce new and varying ideas, viewpoints, beliefs, concepts and experiences through reading recommendations, articles, blogs, webinars and other sources I believe to be of value. Many of those are referenced on this site.

Finally, I serve as an outside voice and observer to help you better understand how you, your teams and your organization are viewed by others. This often reveals oddities, inconsistencies and inefficiencies that have become too ingrained to be readily apparent to you. Being that reflection in a Mirror, I can provide timely and specific feedback on the effect and impact of your organization's current activities to reveal a path toward improvement.