Robbie Mac Iver

For more than 10 years, Robbie Mac Iver has helped product development groups achieve improved business results by embracing agile principles and values. By focusing on true value to the business, he assists organizations in developing a clear product-focused strategy that balances the need for tactical, incremental improvements with the bold, differentiating strokes of far-reaching change. An advocate of durable, self-organizing teams, Robbie helps disparate groups of people learn to work together to become high-performance team possessing a sense of shared commitment and accountability for the outcomes they create.

Using a pragmatic, mindful approach that embodies concepts from the agile, product management, and leadership development communities, Robbie helps organizations find their own unique balance of Team, Product Management, Delivery, and Agile Leadership practices to more effectively delivery high quality, high value technology solutions that advance the business.

As owner of the The Mac Iver Group, Robbie serves as an Agile Coach offering consulting services in Agile Adoption, Product Management, and Agile Leadership. He is certified by the ScrumAlliance as a Certified Scrum Master and a Certified Scrum Professional; is Pragmatic Marketing® Certified; is certified to administer the Leadership Agility 360 Assessment ™; is a facilitator of Innovation Games® for Agile Teams; and is a Certified LeSS Practitioner.

Robbie is a past President and Advisor of the Agile Leadership Network and founder of the local chapter in Houston, Texas; Ambassador for the Agile Exectuvie Forum 2016; and is a frequent conference presenter.

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