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I've recently re-read both of these books and continue to get more insight from them both. Told in a story format, neither is the typical leadership or organizational development foray into the nebula. They speak of real people and real situations to help us understand that solving other people's problems begins with solving our own -- we are part of the problem too.

  • Are we looking at others as people with similar needs as our own, or simply as objects that stand in the way of what we want?
  • Do we allow our actions and interactions to be colored by the "Better-Than " or "Must-Be-Seen-As" boxes?
  • Are our interactions really collusions that make the issues worse, not better?

All of us, and each of our team members, will too frequently find the answer to all of those questions to be a resounding yes! Read these books to learn about getting out of those boxes to lead in ways that respect people and their needs to astounding results.

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