Succeeding With AgileThere are three things I admire about Mike Cohn. First, he is a master craftsman of agile software development; second, he is gifted in speaking about, promoting and growing the craft; and third, he does both of these with such grace.

His latest book Succeeding with Agile is a must read for anyone serious about agile software development. Building on his previous books, Mike provides in depth advice for initiating and sustaining agile adoptions. Whether the topic is helping individuals understand how their roles may change; understanding the expectations placed on self-organizing teams and the leadership they require; or how agility permeates the organizational, Mike offers practical know-how based on experience and common sense. His stories and anecdotes of real-world experiences bring home his points, and he provides abundant resources from other industry leaders for additional learning. This is a book I will continue reference at length as I face the challenges he so ably describes.