BlinkHave you ever made a quick decision based on your first impression without really knowing why and with little or no hard information supporting it? While we often think of this as jumping to conclusions prematurely, there is abundant research and precedent that tell us this type of unconscious decision making is often very much right on and mission critical to those involved. Whether it is an art expert identifying forgeries that just don't "feel" right, or a fire chief suddenly getting his crew out of a burning building without explanation moments before the floor collapses underneath them, unconscious decision making is a key skill that we should all learn to trust and harness. Malcolm Gladwell's Bink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking does a great job of explaining this phenomenon through an enlightening mix of storytelling and academic research. Well worth the read the book can serve as a great guide to help agile teams and leaders come together to leverage their collective expertise to do what is right.