Kanban"The management leverage point for improving quality is to reduce the quantity of work-in-progress".

 While this is common sense, it is not common practice. Why? Often the inability or unwillingness to set priorities based on business value. We will always have more work requested of us than we can possibly do; we need a credible way of focusing on what is really important. Taking (little k) kanban out of the manufacturing realm, David Anderson has given birth to (big K) Kanban for technology organizations based on his personal experiences of managing the onslaught.

  1. Focus on Quality
  2. Reduce Work-in-Progress
  3. Deliver Often
  4. Balance Demand Against Throughput
  5. Prioritize
  6. Attack Sources of Variability to Improve Predictability

Learn from his in-depth explanation of each of these six steps to start your own evolution.