To Sell Is HumanWhen many us of think of "selling" we conjure up the image of a boisterous extrovert hawking his wares with little or no regard to the actual need his audience may have for them. It is that image that makes it difficult, perhaps painful for some, to understand that regardless of our job title we are all in the business of selling. This is Daniel Pink's key focus in his book To Sell Is Human. Whether it is convincing a prospective employer to hire us, getting our boss to try a new idea, or helping a team mate see a better alternative, today's work environment requires all of us to influence those around us -- to "sell" those around us.

To Sell Is Human is a typically pragmatic view from Daniel Pink of both How We Should Be and What We Should Do in this endeavor. By bringing various perspectives into harmony -- Attunement, persevering in the face of disagreement and rejection -- Bouyancy, and bringing the real problem into a fresh new light -- Clarity, Pink gives us a step by step guide to achieving our own goals by helping others achieve theirs. A must read for any agile leader.