• Is the pace of change and the level of complexity growing in your business?Beacon
  • With business needs becoming more and more unpredictable, are you wondering how to get anything done?
  • Would you like your teams to be more accountable, but not sure how make that happen?

The leadership challenge today is to engage knowledge workers in a continuous cycle of organizational learning. What are the true business needs of those we serve and the relative value of addressing them? What solutions will best meet those needs today and also remain adaptable for the evolving needs of tomorrow? How do teams most effectively produce those solutions and how do they continue to improve? With the ever increasing pace of change in our business environments, coupled with the mounting level of complexity and interdependence, these types of questions are more and more difficult to answer. As a result today's most successful organizations are learning organizations. They freely experiment in reasoned ways; reflect on the outcomes of those experiments; and then adapt based on that learning.

Leadership perspectives must adapt as well. Leaders can no longer increase the productivity of the workforce by simply providing instructions and ensuring compliance. Leadership must also become agile and focus more on people than process. Leadership is not just about control, it is also about influence ; it is not just about results, it is also about growth; it is not just about executing, it is also about serving.

Come to this interactive session to learn more about growing self-organizing teams and raising their level of engagement to solve the most pressing needs your business faces today. You will learn what it means to be self-organizing as well as the need to shift your leadership perspective based on the needs of your team. As guide to personal development stages you will also learn about the Leadership Agility framework designed by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs and how to grow your own leadership skills to help your teams thrive.

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