The Leadership Agility 360™ assessment provides recipients with a step-by-step developmental roadmap to higher levels of leadership effectiveness. Aligned closely with the stages of personal development, the Leadership Agility 360™ is applicable to leaders at any level who lead a team and are focused on organizational improvement. Feedback is correlated based on the participants observed behavior across three key leadership situations: leading organizational changes, improving team performance, and engaging in pivotal conversations.

Feedback Report

Research further shows that leaders progress through a series of predictable, learnable agility levels:

  • Expert leaders use their technical and functional expertise to make tactical organizational improvements, supervise teams, identify and solve key problems, and sell their solutions to others.
  • Achiever leaders use their managerial skills to set clear organizational objectives, lead strategic change, motivate and orchestrate team performance, and engage in challenging cross-boundary conversations.
  • Catalyst leaders are visionaries who can lead transformative change, develop high participation teams, and collaborate with others to develop creative, high-leverage solutions to tough organizational issues.

As leaders grow through these three levels of agility, they evolve from tactical problem-solvers into strategic managers, and then into farsighted, capacity-building leaders, while always retaining the skills they gained at previous levels.

Business Performance

Assessment Process

Working with a certified Leadership Agility 360™ coach, you are guided through a disciplined process to gather and assess both quantitative and qualitative feedback leading to a detailed, action-oriented development plan.

  • Initial Orientation Session: review the overall process and outcomes with you, and helps you understand your role in the assessment process.
  • Feedback Provider Selection: identify a broad cross-section of feedback providers among your direct reports, team members and stakeholders who can provide open, honest feedback.
  • Assessment Period: monitor the progress of the individual assessments completed by your feedback providers.
  • Feedback Report: generate your personalized Leadership Agility 360™ feedback report when sufficient feedback has been gathered.
  • Debrief Session: assess and interpret the feedback, determine where further clarification may be of value, discuss what feedback is immediately actionable, and begin to formulate your development action plan.
  • Action Planning Session: finalize your Leadership Agility 360™ Development Plan confirming your leadership initiatives and the specific leadership agility behaviors most beneficial for you to improve.

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