TeamPracticesTeam Practices address how disparate groups of people learn to work together and become a true team possessing a sense of shared commitment and accountability for the outcomes they create. As agile teams grow they become more self-organizing by accepting increased autonomy over how to do their work. Agile teams maintain a relentless focus delivering solutions that fit their intended business purpose by seeking frequent feedback on their work. Incremental delivery sets up the framework to systemically gather that feedback, as well as allow for realistic projections of delivery schedules based on the work already completed.

DeliveryPracticesDelivery Practices encompass the mechanics of how the teams create their deliverables. Delivery practices include up to date knowledge of ever evolving technology advancements as well as appropriate and consistent software engineering practices. Agile teams leverage their collective technical expertise to produce high quality solutions that do what they are intended to do, and reliably perform under all anticipated deployment and usage circumstances. In addition delivery practices allow agile teams to create solutions that remain resilient and adaptable to accommodate the changes that a business environment of rapid change and growing complexity is sure to bring.